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Full services for speech, language, and oro-motor difficulties.

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Voice, Speech, and Language Therapy

Every person is treated as an individual, with their own particular strengths, needs, and difficulties.

Initially, a person's problem and the history of it is discussed, and where applicable, a formal test of skills follows. This enables an action plan to be developed.

An individual program is then worked out to assist each person to develop or regain their voice, speech or language skills. 

Therapy is tailored to the age and interests of each individual, whether they are babies, toddlers, school-aged children, or an adult.

Voice problems result from difficulties in the voice box or larynx orthe way the sound is resonated.

Speech problems can be developmental, or the result of other issues such as cleft palate, hearing impairment, accidents or strokes.

Language is how we get thoughts and feelings from one brain to another. Anything we do to communicate - speaking, writing, gesturing, signing, or drawing - is language. The ability to create a message, or understand one, depends on language skills.

Learn to Read

Literacy Help

The ability to read and write is crucial in a modern society. When a person struggles with these skills, they suffer lost opportunities and deep embarrassment.

Each person is checked for their current skill levels and are taken back, carefully and respectfully, to where they begin to have difficulty. They are then assisted to gain new insights into how our written language works.

The responsibility for making this easy rests on the shoulders of the therapist.

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Swallowing and Saliva Management

The ability to eat safely and manage other oral functions, such as control of saliva, is vital to everyone.

Feeding and swallowing difficulties can be due to physical or psychological issues. People of all ages can have these types of difficulties for many different reasons. It is important to discover the underlying cause and find a solution.

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